Fashion in the 1980s

Cyndi Lauper

Anyone who grew up in the 80s probably heard of Cyndi Lauper. She had hits with Girls as well as with Time After Time and True Colors, among others. With the increasing visibility of videos, she was able to influence the way her fans dressed. Cyndi is no shrinking violet when it comes to clothing and makeup. Cyndi Lauper fashion usually consists of:

  • Bright colors: Forget about all black ensembles when it comes to Cyndi. While she's been spotted in chic black, she's more apt to choose an outfit that incorporates as many colors of the rainbow as possible! From her cherry bright lipstick and platinum hair to her wild shoe colors, she won't fade into the background. Like a lot of 80s fashion for women, Cyndi's clothing choices lean toward being vivid and intense.
  • Dresses and skirts: While Cyndi does wear slacks on occasion, she seems to prefer dresses or skirts. Just looking at photos and album covers at the Cyndi Lauper site, you can see that most of them feature the singer in dresses and skirts, many of them in retro cuts. Whether it's that bustier-and-flared skirt combo she sported on the cover of She's So Unusual or a rare slinky red dress as featured on The Body Acoustic, Cyndi's petite frame works well with the feminine styles she favors.
  • Lots of accessories: When Cyndi first became well known, she wore a lot of bangle bracelets and beaded necklaces. This fit into the whole 80s heavily-accessorized scene. As her fashion evolved and the trends moved away from armfuls of bracelets, her style also evolved to fit the times, while still maintaining her individual stamp.
  • Fun and flirty: Cyndi Lauper doesn't convey a serious image. She's all about having fun and it shows in her fashion choices. She may put an outfit together with various pieces that seemingly don't belong together-yet, she'll make it work. She may pair thigh high socks with a poodle skirt and that will look perfectly in place.
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