Fashion in the 1980s

Leotards and Dancewear

Leotards had been a fashion trend since the early 1970s, when were first used to add color and texture under the "layered look" popular in the middle of that decade. By the end of the decade leotards made from shiny spandex had become the standard feminine fashion of the "disco era", partly for their form-fitting quality and the fact that they allowed flexibility and ease of movement.

With the arrival of the aerobics craze of the early 1980s the classic leotard moved from the dance floor to the gym, accompanied by matching tights, leg warmers, and elasticheadbands. Leotards of the early 1980s boasted bright stripes, polka dots, and even elastic belts. The popularity of aerobics and of dance-themed television shows and movies, such as Fame, andStaying Alive created a dancewear fashion craze, and leotards, legwarmers, and headbands were soon being worn as street wear. The 1983 film Flashdance popularized ripped sweatshirts that exposed one bare shoulder. Celebrity dancewear inspirations of the era included Olivia Newton John's Physical video and Jane Fonda's line of aerobic videos.
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